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Originally Posted by DaveKerwin View Post
some of you said what you liked about church... start your own thread! LOL

So mostly its boring and filled with hypocrites, and has stories that don't jive with science. Does that pretty much sum it up so far?

Anyone else?
I think you have thinned the points a bit Dave . Dont jive with science is not so much my point as that it straight up ignores any common sense . They use faith to get around logic . If its raining you need a rain coat . Faith will not keep you dry .

There was 10 commandments , they are the 10 that will put you in a heaven if it so exsist . The rest of " religion " is a scare tactic to control you , They are also the 10 rules that a civlized world can run off .

I guess i was never to good at being bullied .

For the record i have no issues with any one that attends church . The only issue is if they want to push there ideas onto me . I will be polite and tell them im not interested . If they use some sense and drop it then no problem . To many insist you listen " there " going to save you .
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