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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
Good for him! And good for our justice system!

We need people to see more of this stuff happen.

One of the many flaws in our system is that there isn't really any consequences for your actions anymore. I think if even petty crimes had what we would consider these days as overly harsh punishments a lot of this bullshit would stop. No more minimum security prisons, probation, life sentences, etc... Hard labor and the death penalty is all we need.

You steal something you go to a hard labor prison camp where you work your ass off for a nickel an hour until your victim, legal system, and state are all paid off. Then we talk about your release.
You do realize indentered servitude is one of the many things the first settlers and our founding fathers were trying to get away from, don't you? I'm not saying I completely disagree, but there does need to be more then that. Let the punishment fit the crime.
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