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Personally I believe church is probably a good thing for some people.....there's the social side as well where you can hang with people that feel the same way. I've seen plenty of hypocricy in my day but that shouldn't stop people who want to go and hear the word of god interpreted or spoken by someone who is a good speaker.

Personally I don't go because I find it boring. I went to church/read the bible for the first 18 years of my life.

I'm a person of what I can see/hear/feel. Science makes a lot of sense to me and blind faith doesn't. In my opinion, the belief in God is pure faith. You can talk all day about the miracles around the world, but that doesn't help me one bit.

The bible is a lot of very good stories and a lot of good moral things...however still written by inspired by "god" or not.

So if anything....scientology would be my belief system.

earthly religions have been twisted too many times for bad use to believe that they are item to be believed.

I like cold hard facts.....and a few theories

I know this got twisted into a talk about religion in general and I think it will always be that way when discussing church as they go together..

Long story short....I find listening to rhetoric very boring....and would rather spend my time in the woods listening to nature (If I could just get far enough away from a road to do that :tonka: )

Just my $.02
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