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Originally Posted by Grandman View Post
Over the span of 46 years i have seen way to much hypocritical activities buy church members .

Condem me for what i do , but when no one is looking they do the same shit .

Things like our local catholic church which begs money to no end yet paid cash for the motel behind the church and are still running it as a motel . Odd they pay no tax .

The people that so claim there love of God yet i doubt 1/2 of them could stand up to me on morals that i have lived by . Ill not be judged by some one who only thinks there better then me .

Many churchs " demand " a percentage of your income . " Demand " ? hardly

Then when all that is said and done i try to think with pure logic . That leaves me clearly seeing evolution as truth .

As my Nephew says ( he is a strong church member ) Uncle it requires a leap of faith . Yep falling off a cliff works best if you " leap " too but its still illogical .
X2 to all of this. I would also add that I do not need some preacher to tell me what the bible says. I can make my own interpretation of the book just as well as he can. That being said, some people need the companionship that church has to offer and that is good. In addition, churchgoers do a lot of good things for the community, which is good, but not necessarily a reflection of the church, just the people.

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