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i think people are forgetting the fact that were losing jobs becuase manufacturing isnt the way of the future for the US. I have both parents in the manufacturing industry and it blows what is happening to them but neither party can truly save the jobs we have. Neither would work and Devos plan was to bring toyota and honda here. Granholm already brought one toyota plant. So, there will be what some jobs for younger guys but what about the middle age adults; their not so appealing on the job market when most are not extremely educated with degrees or skills. If your concerned about your job staying here talk to your president on job regulations for the jobs leaving the country. Stop free trade and put trade regulations on foriegn steel and automobiles thats about the only way are current US manufacturing and automotive jobs can compete fairly with a foriegn market. I know he told manufacturing employees in this area that its tough luck becuase those jobs are going. Neither Granholm or Devos is going to completely turn around the current situation. Don't get me wrong i like views on both sides but what really would be done and would is said is to different things.
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