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Originally Posted by SULLY313 View Post
What I was told:

Outdrive oil was changed last summer. How do I check it? Don't check it, drain and change it. Look for any signs of water in the drive, do this every season.

What other things should I make sure are ok before I put it in the water? Check the oil, change the fuel water separator on the front of the engine, replace the impeller in the out drive if you don't know when it was last replaced.

Things being done this week:
installed the new battery last night and started it.

the blower and bilge pump now isn't working. RPM gauge isn't correct and a few of the gauges quit working... It all worked when we tested it before purchase..... DO NOT run this thing without a Blower. The chance of an explosion is huge and blowers are not pricy. It sounds like you may have a bad fuse someplace though. Take a look under the dash / follow the wires. DO NOT run / start this thing without a blower!

install the "new" PS pump and PS line.

Depth/Fish Finder install any tips to share? I prefer the "Puck" style transducers that will be epoxied to the inside of the hull under the motor. Don't have to deal with anything hanging off the transom.

Install VHF Radio and Antenna. Tips?

The hinge pins for the center window are broke. Not sure how I'm going to fix that just yet.

I hooked up the flusher last night so I could let it run for a bit but I didn't see any water coming out of the prop like I expected. Should it? I had the trim all the way up. Does the boat have through hull exhausts? You should see water coming out of the system through the exhaust outlet, whether that's through hull or through prop. Do Not run the boat with the drive trimmed all the way up. It should be as level as possible to avoid damaging U-Joints, Bellows and the Gimble Bearing.

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