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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
the left, and left leaning moderates generally don't question why Government should be involved in meaningless private matters... usually they are all gung ho for more of it.

and I know you're smart enough to know that our elected "representatives' pander to certain demographics in order to attract large swathes of voters - for the same reason that large, easily identified groups of voters have paid whores called "lobbyists" that attempt to exert their influence on those same supposed "representatives".
So you’re suggesting that I be the good little leftist that you think I am and shut up and accept the party doctrine?

Isn’t it generally the right that wants to impose it’s opinion of what “marriage” is and the left that wants to give people more freedom to define it for themselves? I assure you that the left has no monopoly on wanting to get involved in peoples meaningless private matters.

And yes, I know how the system works. But just because the system is stacked against us doesn’t mean we should not make our opinions known.
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