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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
examples? just read your posts, I mean seriously, you have diarhea of the mouth and the only thing coming out is steaming shit
Everything I posted about myself is true. Like I told Sol Goode, don't hate me because I've made the effort to learn some things.

Most of the time on this board I really just want to make people laugh or help out with some tech issues. If you follow my discussions in religion and politics, I don't call people names but I do make them prove what they are saying.

Do you get mad at me because I come across as a know it all? That's not my intention, I just know some things that the average person on this site isn't aware of.

Like I said earlier, I posted all of that stuff egging on Steveo to prove the awesomeness he likes to throw around.

There are plenty of people smarter than me on this but I don't get offended by it. If I don't know something, I ask questions and (*gasp*) learn something
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