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Originally Posted by Immortal View Post
I wonder how Nuggets(with candycane) and Steveo(with favorite handgun) up in a small plane together would turn out......

We would have to take a Cessna 172 because there is no way a 150 would haul that much beef in the air. First I would do a rapid climb over an unpopulated area. When we get to about 8k feet I woud pull the nose up and enrichen the fuel mixture so the engine sounds like it's dying. I would allow the plane to stall (not engine, plane itself), as the plane noses to the ground, I would grab the controls and keep the plane from righting itself. As we plunge toward the ground at zero gravity, Steveo would start begging for his life. I'd tell him to throw his weapon out the window to lose ballest. After that, I'd take my trusty candy can and tell him to shove it up his butt, curl first. When he complys, I will scream like a little girl and let go of the controls. Steveo will attempt to shit himself but he will have a pepperment blockage. When I let go of the controls, the Cessna 172 will automatically correct itself to level flight. I adjust the engine to run correctly and we fly home in silence. The next day Steveo will post a story about me giving him a blowjob then he had to take over the controls and fly us home because he is so awesome.
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