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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Another question for Mister Pilot. I'm flying a Cessna 150 at 500' AGL and I'm a approaching a populated area. Am I ok at this altitude? If not, what minimum altitude should I go to (in AGL). If you are feeling spunky, my home airport is not too far away and it has an elevation of 560' above sea level. What would be my mininimum INDICATED altitude over a populated area.
I'm bored so I will answer this myself just in case you ever wanted to pursue a real pilots license. This will be part of ground school.

A Cessna 150 is a Single Engine Land (SEL) plane that is allowed to fly over populated areas. Flying at 500' AGL (Above Ground Level) is the minimum over unpopulated areas. Since I want to fly over a populated area, my minimum altitude is 1000' AGL. That's all fine and good but altimeters don't read in AGL, they read in MSL (Mean Sea Level). That's why I gave you the elevation of my home airpot so the altimeter could be calibrated to its location. Now with the correction to MSL altitude, my altimeter would read 1060' (MSL) and I would need to climb to 1560' (MSL) to be legal. So my indicated altidtue would be 1560' but AGL altitude would be 1000'.

There's a little flying lesson from you old pal Nuggets. If you'd stop being such a tool and play nice with others, I could help you with anything you would need in ground school or answer any questions about flying a high wing, fixed gear, SEL aircraft.
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