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I haven't had a chance to check my mpg from yesterday, but everything is better in the powerstroke world.

I replaced my torque converter with a "RV" style from d&e. While there replaced the leaking up pipe gaskets at the collector. These had been leaking since I purchased the truck, not bad, but could see the traces of black around them. Which led to removing the turbo after the up pipe to collector bolts broke. While having the turbo off I gutted the ebpv actuator as it was leaking oil, as well as removed the butterfly and rod. Replaced the pedastal orings.

Now to admit stupidty....

While I was under the hood messing with the turbo I pulled the boost line out of the grommet where it attached via the map sensor hose. When I went to reinstall the small line into the grommet I found the backside of the grommet (out of sight) had been ripped line to line. Which I assume was giving me my low boost readings at the gauge as well loosing boost for the motor.

So now with all this done, I seen 22-23 psi of boost. A def increase in power from cruising to accel up hills, appears a drop of 50-100 rpms at cruise speed. SLightly lower egts. As well I have always had a "double bump" feel to the 2-3 or 3-4 shift (can't recall). Felt as if it shifted and then instantly locked up the converter giving it a second shift feel. It no longer does that. Shifts good and smooth at all points now.

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