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Originally Posted by opie View Post
So some definitions changed while others did not. Got it.

I never said your God is a bad God. Some of the views can be a bit hypocritical IMO.

What if your neighbor(s) are homosexuals that want to get married? You are commanded to love them.

Im not sure I understand the desire of the religious folk to denounce the OT, considering it is still the word of God. In place of the NT which appears to be a bit more socially friendly. In any event...

The bible is still the bible, definitions did not change, it's still the same.
I don't understand your point about how God's views are being hypocritical. Man in general can be and is hypocritical, you me and everybody else.
I have no problem with people of the same sex wanting to live together and call it a union or what ever, but it's not a marriage. Marriage is and has been known as 1man and 1woman. It's not my place to judge them as people but what they do as a same sex couple is wrong in the eyes of God.
God did say that as man and woman we are to populate the earth. How do people of the same sex do that? They can't.

Christians do not denounce the OT, maybe some do. The OT is a great book to learn from about who God was and how He dealt with disobedence among His people and others that were not.
The NT on the other hand shows His grace and love He has for all people. If anything the NT is more politically incorrect for the days we live in now.
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