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No matter the verdict they are dead once they leave the pubic eye.

This trial is simply delaying there deaths so they can provide the little intelligence they have. Which at this point is frankly useless. But, may have helped when they were first captured.

I say let them go on grounds of there involvement in the effort to further yadda yadda. Then sit back and watch what they do. Like releasing a rat and following it back to it's home so you can kill the entire group.

If I were running a group like that if they were released under any grounds they would surly be dead within a week just so they would not jeopardize any branch of the organization.
Defiantly if they are going to any prison they are dead within a month. Once the public stops bickering about it a little $$ to the right people and they would be dead soon enough.

I usually try to look at both sides of a issue. But, this is very straight forward. These cowards deserve to pay. Pull them behind a NY cab by there testicles then burn them alive in central park. It could be like a parade with balloons and stuff with the locals tossing candy (and such) at them as they head towards central park.

Send a message and such. Not one that says you better not or you will go to trial and may get in trouble. No, one that says you better not F with us or you will be humiliated, ridiculed, tortured, and suffer a excruciating death with your family desecrated for generations.
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