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Originally Posted by Miffy View Post
They must have put this up for a vote thinking that hunters would like it.

What a bunch of puttssssssssseeeeeeeeeesssssssss!

Leave the Damm Doves alone!

Lets eat Eagles.:miff: :miff: (yes that was a joke)
Every hunter I know would only kill somthing they plan to eat. If there is not enough meat then you non-hunters don't need to worry about them getting shot.

Interesting that you would vote against hunting an animal that is well documented as a renewable resource, that puts meat on the table and whose population is not negatively impacted by hunting. What are your arguments? Because in my opinion Deer are just as cute as doves and nobody seems to have a problem with that.

BTW, the reason we don't hunt eagles is based on scientific data that suggests it's population would be devistated by hunting. Ironically studies by the same groups fully endorse hunting of the Dove.
I'm not quoting idiots who promote unsafe recovery strap techniques anymore. :miff:

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