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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
lol, is that a joke? That video makes Dodge look extremely desperate.

They intend to sell a ton of their new subcompact. They're overtly targeting the millennial generation, who are highly biased toward imports (many likely grew up in households where they never had a domestic car), and (thanks for "X Games") are familiar with rallying and the big names in the sport.

Alfa-Romeo is no neophyte when it comes to big-time rally, and the Dart is an Alfa derivative. And Dodge is embracing an aggressive, sporting image in their product line and branding.

Will it go out there and dominate the Subarus, Fords, Vauxhalls, etc... (if indeed this is more than a PR exercise)? Not likely at first.

I think they'd be missing the mark if they didn't pull this thread in some way.

And as the previous owner of two Neons, I was considering one of these as a commuting appliance...
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