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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
That area is a shit hole already...
I've done a bit of riding and driving around out here. The wife and I were looking for a new house and thinking about getting something with property. So I would drive out and look at things that popped up on and yeah... this area is just odd. There are some nice houses, but some of them, you can't believe that people actually live in. It's bizarre and feels like you're driving through a horror movie and about to make a wrong turn into a house of crazy cannibal inbreds or something.

Things that are perfectly normal in this area:
5+ cars at every house, in every state of disrepair, parked on the lawn
unfinished siding/exposed insulation
bed sheets as curtains
piles and piles of crap in the yard... kids toys, bikes, big wheels, lawn jockeys, etc
Spray painted things like "Keep out" and "No Traaspessin'" on the garage or front door of the house

It's so odd that I actually thought about making a GoPro tour through the area
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