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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
I will see what my grandpa's have laying around from years of farm work. I might be able to donate some. No fund requests when you ask farmers to have few off the heaping rock piles in the back row. Hell everyone get one rock from a farmer and just bring it up with you when you wheel.

I do like the idea that kickstand brought up about using poles to keep some of the rocks contained. Last I knew it was working decently well on the Potowatomi trail. I haven't seen the trail in probably 8 years or so though.

I know this is an expensive idea but I will throw it out anyways. What about sinking boulders into concrete spaced far apart and using some smaller rocks and sand to fill the gaps. Concrete holds boulders in place and will not erode.
Poto isn't the only place, and yes, even in sandy soil it works well.

I can't remember where this was built, but there was a fair amount of armoring done to the trail as well, there was a write up somewhere, but now I can't find it and I'm not in the mood to take the time to find it. But the same concept was used here. Obviously on a smaller scale, though I am sure I would have had a blast on these bad boys with my jeep.

Using a technique like this creates a "sustainable" trail which will lower maintenance, erosion, etc. It's a "big deal" in the mountain bike world, Poto has had numerous re-routes to fix areas that were not sustainable and eroded (according to smart people anything more than an 8% grade is not sustainable in our soil due to erosion) the same just recently happened out at pontiac lake. Sure you don't get as many steep hill climbs or decents, but you get a trail that makes the DNR happy because it doesn't cause damage to the land.

As I am learning more about that on the MTB side, I am surprised there isn't more talk of it on public lands for the jeep side.

Most of the trail work I have seen for ORV's includes trimming trees and cleaning up garbage, very rarely have I heard of re-routes, trail repair, erosion control, etc. Which surprises me, because it would be a good way to keep things open rather than just have them closed down.
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