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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Ok, I will give my opinion on this. It's not so much that the "faithful" put so much attention on this issue, its the pressure the gay community and everybody else that goes along with them saying "why not." It's not that bad, they just want to be normal like the rest of society. To the rest of society it's not normal. Gay people tend to be so much in your face with homosexuality. You don't see married couples have parades down the street celebrating thier togetherness. It would not be such a huge deal if they would have stayed in the closet, so to speak. I don't hate gay people, I think what they are doing is not the way to live a healthy life. Their are people that have come out of that lifestyle and go around the country speaking out the dangers of it.
Scooter has a great comment on this topic.
Every time you type, I swear to god (yes, I believe) you get dumber.

Your logic: Well hell Cletus, why did them colored folks fight back? I mean we gave them separate drinking fountains and let them ride in the back of the bus.

Imagine.....a group of people with a common interest fighting for basic rights......
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