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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
Why stop at two, let's bring back multiple spouses and communal living?

How about Brother/Sister? Mother/Son? Father/Daughter, Granny/Grandson, etc., etc.

In the past when I have proposed the above, I get repulsive "ewww" looks from people that openly support Gay Marriage under the guise of, "but they're two willing, consenting adults..." as their excuse for supporting Gay Marriage - but they refuse to see the logic flaw and their own bigotry if they also don't support incestual relationships... etc.
That's a very good argumentitive point, one I find more valid and have conflict with than the usual bible thumper 'It says so in the bible...'. If we are drawing lines, how do we choose what is acceptable, what is the criteria? The Libertarian side of me would say let any consenting adults marry whomever they please.
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