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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I just don't really get why this is such a big deal. Its two people, that apparently love each other, want to commit to each other, typically live nice quiet, tidy lives. Then we have massive divorce rates, spousal abuse, child abuse, on top of all of the other fucked up things in this world.

I just don't see how two gay people is a big concern and the big hot bed of controversy when the rest of this world is beyond fucked in almost every single aspect.
Think of it this way:

There are many reasons for hate / fear / whatever, but let's focus on the issue of religion (with respect to Christianity), and apply some logic:

1. Christians have faith and believe in God.
2. The Bible and its interpretation (through self / church / family) is a large part of a Christian's "Instruction Manual" for life. (yes, incredibly generalized, but not meant to be insulting in any way)
3. Within the Bible, many things are written; two I will use in this explanation are:
a) The story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the general "proof" that God has defined homosexuality as sin.
b) The Bible teaches the Christian that part of being a good Christian is to love others and share their knowledge of God with others, so that those other people may come to know God and his love.
4. Christians who speak out against homosexuality (in this logical example) are not casting judgement on homosexuality, but rather, speaking to their specific sin and trying to "help" gays stop sinning and find God.


Now, what fucks everything up with this logic is that a lot of people fear what they don't understand. That fear can turn to hate, and that hate can hide behind many a facade - and a big one IS religion. This is not accusing *any* Christian of hate, rather, just pointing out one thing.

But wait - there's more!

Christians wouldn't seem so damned pushy and insistent if folks would back off a bit about Jesus being a zombie, the Bible being the best selling work of fiction, et. al. I know - a lot of responses are a function of giving what you get with some folks, but us "Non-Christians" could take some of our own advice and just calm the fukc down.

Anyway, that's how I feel.
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