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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
Scott - In my experience, I've never labeled an unpleasant "god-fearing" person as Christian: They usually announce it soon after meeting them.

Originally Posted by Sol Goode View Post
You see.....this is where you lose all ability to argue.
God did not write the bible, man did.
Interpretations..........they are a mother fucker.
Actually, If you understood what some of believe, you'd realize that it's part of our faith to believe that the authors of the bible were led by God to write what they did. Just look at all the books of the Prophets. Interpretation is one thing, but there are alot of Verses that, when in context, are hard to interpret any other way then what it says.

If you don't want to believe it is the holy, God breathed word of God, that's fine. But to most of us Christians, it is.

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
And those interpretations are what Christians have been unquestioningly following for hundreds of years. Kinda scary actually.
Unquestioningly? Really? Jesus Questioned his holy leaders and thier interpretations, Luther did so with his letter to the church, starting the protestant movement and, through that, started the end of a State run Church in Europe.

We are told to question, and are often questioned by people (like here), about our faith. It may not work for you right now, that's fine. But for those of us who do believe we also question. I'm a pastors son, I'm supposed to be "the perfect one" but I question my beleifs everyday. Most of the time, Those doubts lead to further study of God's word and strengthen what I believe. I've had countless conversations on here and, contrary to what Nuggets says, I have changed my opinion on things because of it.

I think you'll find your self sorely dissapointed if you continue to assume that All Christians are sheep and don't do any study for them selves. If you had the ability to know the God of the Universe and all you had to do was study a book, would you? How could you not? That's what Christians are called to do.

Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
God talks to me personally almost daily. He has told me that most of the Bible contains allegorys but is not really the direct word of God. He said he had some major issues with the monks where transcribing the Bible getting their information mixed up. He also said that during the Dark Ages, the people running the Catholic church were more in love with the power of control than God. He told me that things really got wacky with the Bible when they translated it from Latin to other languages.

So it didn't get wacky when it was translated from Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic?

God has told me that he just wants everybody to get along. I asked him about gays and gay marriage and he said he could care less who marries who as long as they love each other and are good people at heart.

Confused by what God was telling me and what the Bible says, I asked God about the many contradictions in the Bible. God says the Bible is that way because corrupt men who only valued power and control were telling people certain things about God so they could maintain control. These lies were written down and eventually considered fact. God said almost all of the information in the Bible is corrupt this way.
That's great and all, but how do the early scripts of those scriptures still line up with the most recent ones? If the bible was corrupt wouldn't there be differences in those Scriptures?

The bible is one of the most Documented books ever. Weather it's from corrupt men and corrupt or by people saving scripture they thought was sacred, it's still there. They have ancient scrolls that date back and prove that what was written then is what you see now. There are people that spend thier whole life translating the bible from the earliest Scripts we have. Corruption free!

Finally, I asked God about people who take all the information in the Bible as Fact. He said man has developed the scientific method of verifying information and man should use this tool to find out the truth.

So there ya go, God's original intentions. Before you write this off as bullshit, I'll just say I bet you can't prove God didn't say this to me.
I can't prove he didn't say these things to you. True. You can't prove that he did though. That what 'he' said is true. Or that it was actually Yahweh and not some other spirit trying to confuse you.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Perplexing issue, isn't it?

You'd think the Christians would worry about the Catholic priests messing with alter boys, not worrying about what adults are doing in their private lives.

I guess raping young boys is better than homosexuality.
Ah yes, The "Catholic priests raping boys" defense. Is this slowly going to replace the "What about the Crusades" Montra? Seriously?

What they do is horrible. Personally, I think they should fry for it. It's not up to me though. They do not reflect the majority of Christianity though.
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