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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
According to Christians it is God who says it is wrong to have same sex attractions.
Not everyone is a Christian.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Is having a different opinion judging?
It is when your opinion is based on religion and you are using that religion to try to tell others how to live. If your religion says homosexuality and gay marriage is wrong, then do not partake in those behaviors. But leave everyone else alone. By telling anyone else they are doing it wrong, you are by definition passing judgement.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
If so why do you judge me for having a different opinion.
Because your opinion is based on religious text and not everyone subscribes to your religion.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
It's not judging. You must be having feelings of conviction and guilt and the only way you can feel ok with yourself is to blame the Christians for your sin.
It is judging....

noun \ˈjəj-mənt\
Definition of JUDGMENT
a : a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion b : an opinion so pronounced
a : a formal decision given by a court b (1) : an obligation (as a debt) created by the decree of a court (2) : a certificate evidencing such a decree
a capitalized : the final judging of humankind by God b : a divine sentence or decision; specifically : a calamity held to be sent by God
a : the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing b : an opinion or estimate so formed
a : the capacity for judging : discernment b : the exercise of this capacity
: a proposition stating something believed or asserted
See judgment defined for English-language learners »
See judgment defined for kids »
Conviction, yes. I want everyone to be able to live as they see fit within the confines of the rights granted to them by the Constitution.

Guilt, only for not standing up more for those oppressed by the religious fanatics here in America. Go practice your religion and live your life as you see fit and stay out of anyone elses business that has not expressed an interest in your opinion.

Sin. No one died for my sins. Yet you again seem to want to judge me based on the confines of what your religion considers sin.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Nobody is persecuting anybody. If having a different opinion is persecution then you need to see what happens to gay people in the muslim world.
But you are. We broke from religious tyranny because everyone's life and how they lived it was dictated by the church. Now the religious fanatics here in America seem to want to dictate all morality from the bible and attempt to legislate that morality.

Dont agree with gay marriage? Dont marry someone of the same sex. But leave anyone else that choose differently alone.

Dont agree with abortion or birth control? Then dont have one and dont use it. But leave anyone else that chooses differently alone.

Stop lobbying the Government with money, bribes and votes to legislate your version of morality.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
^^^^^ this

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