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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Your first statement is arrogant and incorrect. This nation was founded under the idea of religious freedom (including the choice of no religion). You will not find anything that mentions Jesus Christ in any of the originating documents and I don't think you will find anything that mentions God. The founding fathers refered to "Natures Law" when refering to a higher power when penning the originating documents. Also, proof of the Bible being used as a textbook in early classrooms or it didn't happen. Note: pulling "facts" from a uber Christian bullshit site doesn't coun't.
Your statement is the incorrect one. You will need to brush up on your history about how this country was formed. Look up original documents from our founding fathers. Personal writings from our founding fathers tell a completely different story. You will need to show proof about NOT using the bible as school text books. Did you know that our founding fathers were actually in the business of printing bibles.
You can find proof in the library of congress which is the same place uber Christian bs site gets it's info from.
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