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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I repeat, read a book called "one nation under god". It is filled with quotes from the founding fathers and you will find many, many references to God in them. I haven't read the book in quite a while so I don't remember if there is reference to Jesus. But God, yes. I'll have to dig it out.

I would want to meet the parents and I guess I would be cautious. I would not even be beyond bringing your concerns up to the couple. After all, it's your son, who cares if you offend them?

I have a neice who is gay. She has a daughter from a previous marriage. I can't really say I have observed anything unusaual. Other than her girlfriend knows more sports stats than most guys I know.
I guess you missed my post....

Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
The God mentioned is not necessarily the Christian God.

The Founding Fathers were Deists, and openly mocked religion. They were not Christian, at all.
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