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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
lol no. She made other ridiculous choices to cause that....

It was funny though, she said his mom was nice (i'm assuming she was referring to the biological mother) which I knew because I have spoke to her multiple times dropping my son off, our kids are friends, her son has been at my ex's house. The kid seems normal, he's 6 or 7, I always wondered a little if his mom was gay but never thought much of it.

My ex did make an interesting comment though. She said, well knowing that I guess we just don't let our son go to their house. Otherwise I don't think we should make a big deal of it.

I didn't put much thought into it, but would you as a parent keep your child away from their home?

I'm "slightly" in the air on this one. Part of me says, what's the harm? It's not like they are going to perform gay sexual acts in front of the kids, or make the kids become gay, or lock them in the basement with gay porn. The other half of me questions if I want my son to be in an environment that I do not condone, agree with, or think is right. I have a part of me that is just uncomfortable with the situation.

Curious to hear some opinions...

and before anyone asks, you don't want pictures. They are not disgustingly ugly women, but they aren't hot.
I don't have kids, and never will: If I *did* have children, I would want to meet the parents of all the friends before I let them hang out anywhere. Single/Gay/Straight/Whatever.
Homosexual does not equal bad / dangerous to me - and of all the people I met / worked with / befriended over the years - gay folk are really no different than straight folk.

I would see it just like any other situation - if said gay couple was trying to indoctrinate my child (which gays don't do, BTW), I'd treat it the same as if some other couple tried to impose their opinions on my child - whether it be political, religious, sexuality or drug views.
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