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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
Agree. I do see some validity to an argument against calling it "marriage" based on the idea that "marriage" has historical religious roots, but calling it a "civil union" or something reeks of "separate but equal". Fact is "marriage" has become more of a civil institution than religious, and everyone should be afforded the same "benefits" it provides.
I'm all for providing the benefits, and definitely understanding where you're going with this line of conversation, however, I think it is the only option if homosexuals want to be wed.

What's the first thing you generally hear from the far right conservatives when gay marriage is brought up?

Originally Posted by red87chevy View Post
God made adam and eve not adam and steve!
Same sex partners should not be allowed to marry because that is meant for a man and women to enjoy as a gift from god.
In this case - calling it a "Civil Union" give the majority of their opposition no religious reason to oppose it. The people left that will speak out against it will just be the ones brave enough to voice their hate: There will be NO Bible to hide behind because a civil union will not be "Marriage". Gays will no longer "Desecrate" Holy Matrimony.
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