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Originally Posted by red87chevy View Post
For a nation that was founded under God (the bible was a text book in the early schools)
We seem to have lost the true meaning of what a christian really means and that is to be christ like to not judge or hate.
We dont hate none believers or people that choose to be gay.
We disagree with there choices in life but we do not hate them, we are all children of god wether you believe or not all you need to do is read the bible and actually study it for your proof! But again im just stating my opinon just like everyone else on here is also but if anyone has any questions about God or wants a good church to go to then just pm me...
..again one nation under God....
In God we trust...seems to be a pattern here
You are being judgmental and don't even realize it. It doesn't occur to you maybe some of us non believers have read the bible and make a conscience choice to head down other paths.

Ive read books that say we evolved from Monkeys. Your book says we come from God so it must be true. Mine says we came from Monkeys so it must be true... But wait..... (this is not an attempt to start the evolution/intelligent design debate. Just illustrating a point) I dont really see, or perhaps Im not paying attention? The other side of your line of thinking telling you that you are doing something wrong. Lighten up on the evangelism..... There are other ways to live and they do not all require one to bow at the alter.

You are aware that most of the references to "God" were not originally included, right?

In_God_we_trust In_God_we_trust
Pledge_of_Allegiance Pledge_of_Allegiance

Time to get your nose out of the bible and into a history book.
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