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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Keep drinking the kool-aid in the wine glass and Christ crackers.....
We use grape juice and bread. But Seriously, you're coming off as if my decision is worse or better then your decision.

Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
Because it's your job to judge others based on his "words"?

Did you forget about the whole "He who has no sin, blah blah blah, glass house, blah blah, small rocks" thing?
We're not to judge. We are to love. Can't stand people that use the bible to hate. I think it's Jesus in the Sermon on the mount that specifically calls out his followers about judging non-believers. His words were along the lines of "How you judge others is exactly how you will be judged by God."

Originally Posted by opie View Post

What we need is a clear line of those who simply disagree with homosexuality, and those who don't care about homosexuality but do not want the union of two homosexuals called marriage. Personally I do not care what its called as long as a homosexual couple is afforded the same rights and protections as a straight married couple. It is their right.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Excellent point and prompted me to think of something I had not initially considered...

If Marriage is a relationship between God and the parties involved, are those that get married but do not practice religion or believe in God, not married?

EDIT: Why cant the Steves go get hitched by the local magistrate? No religion involved.
Because the term marriage was adopted to our laws from the old traditions of the church? Maybe.
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