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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Because I disagree I hate!!! Typical liberal hate speach blaming others for what they themselves are most guilty of.
Obviously you do not understand the word of God. Read it and see what God says about men that lie with men. You need to take that up with Him because He said it first and i am only agreeing with what God said.
So its religious persecution then?

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." If Steve being with Steve makes both Steves happy, and the Steves want what they have called something so they can share in the same legal benefits Steve and Jane have because Steve and Jane are "married" in the eyes of the law, who grants you the authority to deny them their God given right? God may not agree with the Steves, but according to our founders, God did grant them this right and that right is protected.

What we need is a clear line of those who simply disagree with homosexuality, and those who don't care about homosexuality but do not want the union of two homosexuals called marriage. Personally I do not care what its called as long as a homosexual couple is afforded the same rights and protections as a straight married couple. It is their right.
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