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Default 2000 Pontiac Grand Am wont start after alternator replacement

I know this is an offroad forum, but I know I'll get the best response here.

My friend has a 2000 grand am, V6, that had a starter go back. His brother pulled the starter without disconnecting the battery, and MAY have shorted the wires out. We put the starter back in, car ran great for a day of short trips, then it killed a battery.

We hooked it up to a MAC tools battery / alternator tester, and it sad bad diodes in the alternator. Today we put an alternator in it, jumped it and it ran for about 10 minutes, then died. Jumped it again, and tested it again and it came back "Good diodes, low reg." for the alternator test.

We put a different battery in it, started it, it ran great, still came back low reg. on the alternator. Put the old battery back in, put the good battery back in my truck, ready to call it a night, we tried to start his car and now it's getting NO POWER to the starter. When you turn the key the dash lights do like they would when you start it, but starter doesn't turn over.

The plan is to take the alternator back to the store tomorrow and ask for a different one (refurbished parts), but now that it won't even start that won't do us much good. Any suggestions?
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