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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
you're confusing laws and governement with your personal religious beliefs.

At one point I thought gay marriage was pretty stupid, but anymore, I don't even care. I just want to see less fat people, less people on welfare, less laziness, entitlement, etc. I'd like to see people give a damn about thinking about sustainable forms of economic growth and improvement, etc.

If two homosexuals would like to get married so they can make a commitment to each other than in a sense I am all for it.

Personally I think in a round about way it's a good thing for the level of commitment they are showing to their relationship, making it harder (more so financially then anything else) to get divorced.

Divorce sucks ass, it's not good for this country, it's not good for those involved, it's not good for the kids involved, and it soaks up a ton of government resources through courts, friend of the court, child support enforcement etc.

so if we can place more value on relationships and commitment in this country I am not so sure I am against it. Gay people will adopt children, just like straight people should be married, so should they. Sure, thats perfect world shit, but the point remains.

Do I agree with the homosexual lifestyle? No
Do I want to see them get married? No
Do I care if they do? No, I sure don't.

Let them have it and let's focus on more important things.
+1. Good answer.

Originally Posted by red87chevy View Post
Yes true it is something he will deal with but also it is our job as so call christians to let the world know in a loving way that christ is the only way to truly enter into the kingdom of heaven notice i didnt say queer or fag in any of my comment
Hopefully the person you seen in that accident understood what im taking about!
Ok, but what about those of us who aren't Christians and/or do not interpret Christianity the same way that you do?

Given the choice I would prefer that the secular world be secular, and leave people to privately practice whatever beliefs they want without oversight or intrusion by the rest of us, so long as those beliefs don't harm unwilling participants.
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