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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
"Marriage" is a term used by the church to describe the union of a man, woman and God.

If people were smart enough, they would term the "marriage" of two same-sex partners something else to stop all the bitching. A civil union, partnership - whatever. It's sorta like using a religious term for something that is forbidden in religion, by God.

Name it something else, get legally bound to your gay partner and let the church continue their "thing" while "you" two start your own.
X 3 (or what ever number it's up to).

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
That statement makes me think the old Kingdom of God must be a pretty desolate place...
I tend to think that that verse points out how much EVERYBODy needs the mercy of God. I hate when people use this as an Anti-homosexual verse....Take that back, I hate when people use the bible to hate on other people. If anything that specific verse should make people realize that they are no different, as far as thier standing with God, as any other person. Most, if not all of us, fall into one of those categories. The only difference between Christian/Not Christian is that we (should, but often don't) realize that the only reason we are "saved" is because of God's mercy, nothing more, nothing less.

I would go as far to say that the only reason the Kingdom of God would be desolate is from people that use his word to spout off hate instead of mercy.

That being said, It's in a list of sins. The issue I have, as well as alot of Christians, is that homosexuals live a life in that sin. Part of being a Christian is repenting from your sin and trying not to do it. Living a homosexual Life style is living in sin just like looking at porn for a Hetro male is living in sin.

Originally Posted by tguenthardt View Post
It does not effect me one way or the other, I live my life the way I want....why you ask...because I get one shot at it, no do overs....Do I beileve there is a god, maybe.... I have to ask hows is me giving money to the church make me a better person? Will god move me up the list if I give enuff money or move me down....I have been to church seems like every week for the past month for funnerals, and even at the funnerals they talk about money, I thought money was the root of all eveil. I guess what someone else wants to do with there life is totally up to them, as long is does not effect me. WE have bigger issues to deal with....
Money should not be an issue. And I think the answer to most of your question is no. Giving money should not be forced, it should be something you want to do becuase you know the church is doing good things with that money. "God loves a Cheerful Giver". It's in the bible some where, but he doesn't want you to be forced to give money and giving more money won't give you a better place.

This idea, IMO, is derived from the Catholic church when they sold penitence (SP?) to people. 'Buy your way into heaven". No matter of money can change the fact that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. that Savior being Jesus Christ.

Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Know the truth about what? That religion has existed for the sole purpose of explaining things that science couldn't at the time and controlling people?

You took it hook line and sinker.
Sounds like you took the Atheist Montra Hook line and Sinker.

Has Religion been used to control people? Yes. Does it point to God by using the creation around (Science or not)? yes.

Religion can be a horrible thing but, at this moment (in the Christian Form), Is one of the main ways people are being helped around the world. How many Charities, relief funds, missionaries, rescue missions, ETC are founded by a Church and run by one? Can you imagine the load on the economy if these organizations weren't there to help share the burden?

Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
If the U.S. was founded on the Christian religion, the Constitution would clearly say so--but it does not. Nowhere does the Constitution say: "The United States is a Christian Nation", or anything even close to that. In fact, the words "Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, or God" are never mentioned in the Constitution-- not even once.
The founding documents don't say anything about Christianity is because that would go against every reason they moved over here in the first place. They came from a Church state. They wanted to make sure that didn't happen. Not only to protect the state from the church, but to protect the church from the state. However, if you look at some papers predating our founding documents, such and the Mayflower compact, you'll see a very blatant mention of furthering the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. It was not solely founded in Christian Morals but the spreading of Christianity was, IMO, a main reason the USA is here today.
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