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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
After the last are you born gay discussion I started researching some stuff and there are studies that have said that gay parents don't make gay kids.

Do you believe that gayness is a choice or something people are born with?
I believe for the most part you're born gay. We've been through this one before.

Gay parents may not make gay kids, but I do agree with it giving children a warped sense of reality.

BUT....we also said a kid with a black mom and a white dad, or whatever racial mix you want, was never gonna survive because he was "different" and those kids made it, so why can't the kid with two dads?

Now, I agree, that opens the kid up to incredible amounts of ridicule from classmates, but somewhere along the lines that too will become more acceptable.

Gay is weird as hell, but whatever your bag is I guess.
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