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Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
If the U.S. was founded on the Christian religion, the Constitution would clearly say so--but it does not. Nowhere does the Constitution say: "The United States is a Christian Nation", or anything even close to that. In fact, the words "Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, or God" are never mentioned in the Constitution-- not even once.

Marriage is a legal term above anything else. Like others have said, a man and a woman can get married without any religious influence whatsoever and will have the same legal benefits as a couple who was married by a church. A religious group will ALWAYS have the right to recognize whatever they chose. I'm pretty sure gay people aren't protesting the Catholic church to let them in. (LOL!) The issue at hand is a civil one and by that definition, has nothing to do with religion. People tend to get way too caught up in the semantics of the term marriage.
Go read a book called "One nation under God". It's eye opening.
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