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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
Since Paul polls higher with Democrats and Indy voters than Romney, then the only way this could happen is if Republicans voted for Obama over Paul or stayed home. Do you honestly think that would happen? If it did happen that way then they deserve four more years of Obama.
If that's how it really shook out I think it would be ok.

You gotta figure you have people that will vote Republican no matter who it is. You have people that will vote Obama no matter what. Then you have the variety of in betweens. You have people like me that sure as fukc won't vote for Obama, but really don't want to vote for Romney. So in that case I guess if someone else were in there besides Romney, from someone like me, it would be an automatic -1 for Obama instead of a possible no vote either way.

Although I'm sure I'll vote no matter who it is. But we have covered that topic before...
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