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Everytime somebody asked a question about that motor your punkass says they are all junk, that is a lie. Like I asked him how many miles were on his motors. What do you think would happen to the rod bearings after you run the cam particles thru them?
Who adjusted the valve lash to caude the camm to wear down?
This is supposed to be a tech forum not a place for dickstand to rant about his experiace with one motor. If you have nothing useful to add why do you even bother to post asshole? I've had several without issue. Back in the late 80's early 90's I used to buy rangers S10's with bad motors and swap in motors to resell them. Ford 2.0 motors in rangers lasted about 50k before the needed rings. 2.5l S10's went about 80 or 90k before the heads were cracked and needed replacement. I never found a Toyota that needed a new 22RE. While 125 on yours may not be a lot for a Toyota sure beats most of the 80's 4 cyl trucks I've seen. So you keeping flapping your gums and if people are dumb enough to listen thats their problem asswipe.
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