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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
These non working fuckers remind me of fat people who can't find a way to walk, so they just rely on others to sponge bathe them and help them load up onto their little amigo to ride to the corner store.

Somewhere along the way personal responsiblity for ANYTHING has been lost upon a large majority of americans.

I'm fat, because of mcdonalds and s.
I'm poor, because his family was able to pay for college and mine wasn't/
I'm unemployed, because they laid me off.
I'm entitled, because I think I should be
I'm bankrupt, because they loaned me money

How about.

I'm fat because I eat like shit and I am lazy. It's my health, I'll fukc it up if I want to.

I'm poor because I didn't work my ass off to get an opportunity to go to college and I was too lazy to find a way to make it work and better myself.

I got laid off because of economic factors outside of my control, but I went out and found a program that taught me how to xyz, it cost me some money but I love what I am doing now.

I'm parking in the handicap section because I had my leg blown off in a war to protect my country, not because I have a "bad back" and I feel I am entitled to park close.

I'm bankrupt because I made poor financial decisions.

I mean ... fuck ... does anyone take pride in themselves anymore?
well said!!
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