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Originally Posted by BOGDOG View Post
Like I said before you sound like a detroit politician keep repeating a lie until the dumbasses belive it to be true.
how the fukc am I lying?

my motor had 2 spun rod bearings and 2 rod bearings that were so thin that one of them broke as I pulled it off the crank it was half welded to.

Fact, 2 spun rod bearings.
Fact, a camshaft that was warn down to holy hell.
Fact, a dealer maintained truck with maintenance records to prove it.
Fact, 125k miles
Fact, it was the most durable and long lasting motor I have ever owned (there, I lied just to make your dumbass feel better)

I mean fukc , do you even know what a lie is?

I mean, he has taken how many 22r(e)'s apart and they had bad rod bearings, and mine did also, we're both lying aren't we? We're just making it up?

Are you retarded?
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