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Default If I hear "pay their fair share" one more time I'm gonna scream.

IMO the whole 1% VS 99% and "the rich need to pay their fair share" is the biggest bunch of BS. For many reasons. One being that if every millionaire or "rich person" in the U.S. was taxed at 100%, it wouldn't bring in enough tax revenue to even make a dent in the National debt. Contrary to what the Left will tell you, over and over and over again, the problem isn't how much or how little anyone is paying, it's how much the Fed is spending, plain and simple.

Also, who cares what the percentages anyone pays actually are? If some rich person was only paying 15% (which they are not, more like about 35%), if they made $10M, they still paid $1.5M in taxes. That's a HELLUVA lot more than a working stiff who, even if they were paying 35% (they're not, more like about 15-25%) on $40K, they would only be paying $14K.

Not only that, but why does anyone really care how much a millionaire pays in taxes? Exactly how does what they pay affect the "little guy" anyway? Correct me if I'm wrong, but my life and everybody else's life does not change no matter how much they pay. If they pay 15% or 35% now, but their rate gets jacked up to 100%, it's not going to affect any of us one bit. So other than feeling good because the "rich" are finally getting what they deserve, what does it matter how much they pay?

And finally, exactly who is it, among any of us, that gets to determine exactly what everyone's "fair share" actually is? What qualifies anyone to determine what is fair for you, me or anyone to be paying?
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