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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
It's hard to work out of the hole that Engler left her in and then when the economy turned for the worse the hole got deeper. She's trimmed fat from many areas just to keep MI running. From personal experience in MI higher education, CMU is much more efficent since our budget was reduced.

Meanwhile, the economy EVERYWHERE ELSE is taking off and the Dow Jones is setting records. But Michigan in the past 4 years has continued a nosedive of epic proportions. Michigan is #1 in home foreclosures. Michigan is #1 in families LEAVING the state to find jobs. You can try to blame her failures on the economy, but it is bullshit. Every other state in the nation has turned around or is in the process of it. We are still on a long downslide with no end in sight. At this rate, we should be a cesspool of Democratic socialism in no time. Because anyone that is capable of making any type of intelligent decision will have moved to another state if they can't find jobs. That leaves the rest of us with education and JOBS to support the druggies, homeless, undergrads, and welfare people.
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