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Default OBS powerstroke woes

Okay, normally I can see up to 17-19 pounds of boost, and when towing my set-up I typically average 14-16 mpg. Occasionally can see 1400 degrees in the exhuast for short burts when pushing hard.

On my way back to twisted saturday I noticed truck was a little gutless and I couldn't clear 6-7 pounds of boost and my mileage was 11ish. On the way home yesterday same deal could not clear 6 pounds of boost, and no matter how hard I pushed the truck the egt's would not go higher then 1250 degrees and felt even more gutless then saturday. It had no smoke of any color from exhuast. RPM's were not an issue I could easy push up to 3k.

I got home yesterday and checked the air filter which was fair, and pulled the inlet off and looked at the wheel and the blades look fine and reached in and felt no end play or wiggle to it.

This morning I replaced the fuel and air filters with no change, ran a contribution test with all passing. No codes in system.

ebv psi seems to read about 15 psi about 50 mph
ICP voltage about 1 cruising and 3.0 WOT
Inj control pressure approx 2500 at wot
Map at idle 14 psi and approx 22 wot

Gonna try and wire the ebv open. I have always had issues with the ebv when the truck was cold or at start up not plugged in regardless of temp outside. But once warmed up has always opened with no issues. I would think if the ebv was restricting my boost then when I pushed hard on the highway the egt's would reflect it. Also I have had the two wire connector for the actuator below the turbo inlet unplugged for quite some time. However the ebv still seems to operate with it unplugged, it was my understanding that when unplugged it would not open/close on its own.

if I had to explain it simply, it feels like a gas motor with a restricted cat converter.

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