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Originally Posted by ajmorell View Post
I'm not saying I don't believe it or that I'm oblivious to what is happening. I don't like him either. I'm saying I'll believe mittens is our "savior" when he undoes all the shit Obama's done.

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We need to look at Mitt's past preformance. He is a conservative guy but he will also lean to the left towards the independent voter. He will be going after the conserative voter that voted for Obama last time. We need to hold Mitt to his promises while he is campaining. We the people have been to quiet the past 30, 40 years thinking the people we voted will do the right thing and look were that has gotten us.
So many people don't vote, thinking what will my vote do and so on. I think that is a defeatist attitude. If we want things to change in washington then we all need to make our voices heard.
I'm not saying Mitt is a savior of any kind but he would be better than who is in charge now.
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