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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
This part I agree with. I just don't like silveradopeboy's useless attitude of thinking writing in his name is going to change anything.

Change will be small, but if we don't vote in the right direction the change will not ever happen.

Say we vote for Romeny, and he begins to make progress, then we vote for more people in senate and congress who also make some progress, etc. Yeah its gonna take time, but if we just give up and write our own names in we're doomed.
It is better than not voting. Why would I vote for somebody who I do not support? Why would I vote for someone that I do not think will make a difference. Why would I vote for someone that is not right to be president? Just because he is not Obama? Just because he is a republican? I dont vote based on party, Mitt still has a chance to win me over and EARN my vote. Im not going to just vote for him because he is a .
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