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Originally Posted by silveradoboy View Post
I really don't want Obama to get another term either...that being said I dont want Mitt to get a first term. All politics is a waste of time. None of the candidates can save our dumb asses. We are way too far in the hole and nothing will be ever be changed!! Politics is all about "let me tell you why I suck less than the other guy" and this is why I will be writing my name in come November, because I do not want either one to win.
This attitude sucks.

Originally Posted by ajmorell View Post
bingo. It doesn't matter who wins the election, there's not going to be any substantial change
I know your age, and I'm assuming silverado boy is about your age or slightly younger (but not nearly as smart and educated. If you honestly feel this way I am very concerned about our countries future leaders. I think you are a lot smarter than this statement! Yes, you're correct substantial change isn't coming, but the fact that you agreed with silveradopeboy worries me.
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