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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Using the example of a company is actually completely backwards. At least Theoretically. Our government is supposed to be run by the people. A CEO's Job is to mandate what the employees are going to do and how the company will run. In our government, the "employees" (AKA, us) should dictate what our "CEO" does. Also, if a company starts to go down, it's the Employees that start to get let go first. Not the CEO.

That's Theoretically though. This also could be the reason our politicians don't make it work. They think they are the CEO's of our country when they are not.
I think you need to clarify here.

A sole proprietor typically is a privaterly owned company where the owner or proprietor runs the business exactly how he or she sees fit.

A CEO typically reports to a board of directors. He isn't a dictator and doesn't get to just impose his will wherever he sees fit. Often when a large organization goes down the CEO is actually one of the people they may be on the chopping block unless the board of directors sees it fit to make widespread cutbacks, layoffs, restructuring etc.
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