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I was being sarcastic,to a certain extent.You think obamas campaign doesnt take things out of context,or twist words around?
Every political campaign tries to smear their opponent,lucky for us Obama doesnt need help ,is actions prove he is a lier.
Has he ever provided proof of being born in the US? I dont think so.I can go right to the hospital I was born at for a copy of my birth certificate,why cant he.
This stupid son of a bitch has come to michigan about 5 times in the last two yrs,Why?
Michigans economy is fucked,along with all of america,why should we have to pay all the extra money to protect his dumb ass,when we cant afford it.
Obama is just another pos lieing polotition.I think he has made people racist,who were not racist before,with his lies and general smug attitude.
I think he really made it difficult for the next black president to get ellected,all these pussy caucasions that voted for him,trying to be politically correct are haveing second thoughts.
I realize he will still get the votes from the lazy,wellfare sucking,piecies of shit that just want a hand out.
I am all for equallity,I am sick of white people trying to kiss the black mans ass to apologize for slavery.I am sick of the lazy black people who think we owe them something.
We brought black people here as slaves,they were slaves in affrica before we bought them, were they not? We just bought them,Their own people sold them,why hate us?
If it wasnt for slavery their would be no snoop dogs,no majic johnsons,no cedric the entertainer,and certainly no fuckin obama.
The black people in this country need to be pissed at their ancestors,the ones that sold them,not the white people who put a golden spoon in their mouth by bringing them to the greatest country in the world.
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