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I just watched the video again, NEVER did I see anyone drinking, NEVER did I see a jump without security around it, NEVER did I see anyone in harms way. How is that bad for the sport? Noone was trashing anyones vehicle that wasnt ok with it......noone was stacking vehicles with a kid in the truck or some drunk hilllbilly in the backseat.......and no animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Look, we totally get that some of you don't "appreciate" our wheeling style, and that's ok. We aren't asking for your approval. However, there is ZERO wrongdoing in that video and ZERO negativity to the sport.

My beef is this, if you've never been to the park you really have no business judging it. The boys there work their asses off to give us a great place to play and now camp (lots of upgrades, looks awesome!) and for that I thank them. If it's not for you, well then just don't go........but don't sit behind your computer and talk shit about people and a park that are doing nothing wrong.

carry on as i know you will.................................

Oh, and nice video Jake! See ya at Twisted Sunday!
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