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I want some honest opinions on this...I thought this was the route I wanted with my rockers...but I'm starting to wonder if I should build something out of tube...

What I did was take 2"x6"x3/16" rectangle tube and put it where I cut the old rockers out...I joined that to the frame with 1.5"x1.5"x3/16" square tube to a small fishplate. If I do keep these I will cap the ends too so they are sealed....everything is tacked right now but I am still able to move these about 1/4" up and down. The reason I went with rectangle tube here over d.o.m. was because I didnt want it denting easy when I smashed it into rocks, and it sticking out a little bit would protect the body a little on trees and what not. It just looks out of place to me....The rear rollcage mount would catch the rear rocker mount, and the front rollcage support would tie into the rocker itself...this would probably stiffen it up...these things are somewhat heavy and I'm curious if them being a foot away from the frame rails will act as a huge lever when bashing something and crack the frame pretty quick. Everything is going to pretty much tie into them, and themselves are tied into the frame so that would probably stiffen it up....but just curious as to some opinions on this... (yes the 1.5x1.5 are at different angles compared to the frame...i was trying to keep them close to center of the frame in every spot they hit and the frame has bends in it so I had to adjust accordingly.)

Second choice I had was to ditch what I have now and bend some tube to fit the inside edge of the trimmed cab, then come off of that with a rock rail like you see a lot of cherokees run with...then tie the cage into would be a lot lighter, and I could make a little more clearance on the width of the truck, but I'm concerend that it would dent pretty easy if it landed on a rock or something...

Also picked up a C6 trans to throw in the truck for a good bullet proof trans....

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