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Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
Brian Terry was a US Border Patrol agent from Flat Rock. Eric Holder's Justice Department decided a few years back to start a mission called "Operation Fast And Furious". The plan was to sell a shitload of guns to the Mexican drug cartels, with the supposed purpose of tracking just where exactly guns from the US were ending up in Mexico. Some critics have said that the plan really was to give the gun control nuts some ammo by saying that guns from the US are causing all the violence in Mexico. The whole operation went haywire when Brian Terry was killed a year and a half ago by some drug cartel scum using the very guns that the Justice Department sold to the cartels. Congress has tried to get Holder to tell what he knew about the operation, but he's been stonewalling and avoiding the issue. And the trusty Obama lapdog media has pretty much ignored the story, to the point the most Americans have no clue about any of it.

So Brian Terry's family is probably thrilled that the Trayvon Martin killing has gotten so much news time, while Brian's death and the subsequent cover up by the Justice Department has been swept under the rug.
This. Eric holder and the batfe need to be crucified.
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