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A white person and a black person will act just as desperate as a red person when they need to get that money and get that fix or just food.

It is not a matter of white black or whatever. Having pride in your background is a good thing. You flaunt what you have and are good at.
If you are the best mofo in the getto and know what you would be in upper class stay your azz where you are happy or excel to something better.
It is a culture thing. Not a black or white or whatever culture thing a rich and pour culture thing. There has and will always be a gap between the rich and the poor. Between old money and new money and the people dragging at there heels.

Think about it this way. In a earlier post it said something about 5 black people walking down the street.
If those 5 black people were in respectable suits and dress shoes would you view of them would be totally different.

Well what would they be doing in that part of town if they were yada yada.

It is a money thing not a race thing. I am more cautious and annoyed around someone that is desperate and poor them I am around someone that is well off. It is not anything new people been doing it since the beginning of trading.
I know that people have issues. But, I have been there seen it. I am not talking about a couple weeks BS either. People get desperate when stuff gets thin and they realize it is not getting better. Embracing that life gives some comfort and respect in there own mind.

That same person that moves out of that community and into a "better" community is still going to be treated as less and looked down upon despite there race. There is a degree of racism yes. But there is a greater degree of separation of wealthy and poor then there will ever be of race.

The thing is that separation is not a bad thing. People that work and are intelligent excel while those that are lazy are held back. Mind you it is a lot harder if you start at the bottom then the top. And people will ask for "equality" along the way which will only make it harder. There are exceptions where someone will get a butt load of cash somehow. With a intelligent hard working person that could be a life changer. With a lazy showboat they will end up back where they started soon enough.

The simple fact is that the only thing holding you back is you. Everything else is a excuse of someone or something that is holding you back. Once you look past the excuses and to what needs to be done it is a matter of effort not race.
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